Aerial Views = 
Better Oversight
With technology rapidly advancing, there are still several inefficiencies across the construction job sites that experts are trying to find solutions too. Drones and unmanned aircraft are now becoming the solution to solve these problems. 

Before breaking ground, during construction, and after completion, we are seeing drones be implemented in every process. They provide a new view of a job site that was not reasonably attainable in the past. General Contractors are now able to provide better oversight and manage sub-contractors and job site progression. They are also using drones to make sure they stay in compliance with regulations such as safety and environmental. 

Some Use Cases We Provide



Monitor contractor progress, equipment onsite, and placement accuracy.

Inventory Management

From stockpiles to cut and fill measurements, you can keep track of dirt on site.



Keeping clients and investors up to date is crucial. Provide aerial imagery of the complete site.



From OSHA regulations to municipal ordinances, drones help you stay in compliance.

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